Crystal Cluster Planchette Ring Size 7-7.5

Crystal Cluster Planchette Ring Size 7-7.5


đŸŒ—Sometimes getting answers from the Universe can be more terrifying than being in the dark; that type of clarity can bring big changes, or break boundaries. A Planchette is often used in divination work to talk to those who have passed or to find answers to our problems. This piece is a reminder that we all have this capacity, that we all have the tools and resources to look within to find the answers of our hearts deepest calling.

Inspired by alchemy, astrology and divination, this planchette shadowbox ring features a Quartz Crystal cluster with rainbow inclusions, framed by 9 silver stars, points of light representing the planets in our solar system: points of light that we can look too for guidance and inspiration.

The wide silver band allows for some wiggle room in sizing, and can comfortably fit a size 7-7.5

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