CAnnabis Patient Resources


Strain Info

LEAFLY.COM - Resource to search information on cannabis strains, their genetics and effects, as well as locations where those strains can be found.

WIKILEAF.COM - Cannabis strain library.

WEEDMAPS.COM - Search strains and find dispensaries near you.

Medical journals

MEDICALJANE.COM - Links to research articles and peer reviewed studies on cannabis science and condition specific resources.

PUBMED.GOV- Links to research articles and peer reviewed studies. Search phrases such as “cannabis and pain” or “Cannabidiol and Diabetes”

PROJECTCBD.ORG - Cannabis science, especially as it relates to CBD, or Cannabidiol.

Sites we love

WOMENGROW.COM- Network connecting leaders in the cannabis industry.

MG- For the cannabis professional.

TOKEATIVITY.COM - “Global Cannabis Community for Women”

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